Jewish Family Service and the Pod Concept

In my first meeting with JFS as we were discussing a video project, I remember looking at their list of programs and feeling somewhat overwhelmed. Here is an organization that does so much for so many different groups of people, and my producing partner Lynda Lester and I were given the task of squeezing it all into one video.

How was it going to be possible?

That’s when the Pod concept was born. With all the different programs and services provided by JFS, we decided to create one agency overview video that would be roughly 10 minutes and would touch on the different programs and services provided by JFS. In addition, we would create 6 shorter videos (what we eventually called “Pods”), approximately three minutes in length, with each one focusing on a separate service category (i.e. Food and Hunger, Older Adults, etc.).

While the depth of each program is explored inside its own unique Pod, the agency overview video serves to showcase the breadth of this organization’s work. What’s nice about the Pod concept is that if someone is interested in one facet of JFS, they can immediately access information about exactly that. Furthermore, if one program has its own fundraiser, they can show their own short video as opposed to the agency overview.

Below are all the videos produced for this project. For production stills, check out the album on my Facebook page.

And to see the videos in action on JFS’s website, click here.


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